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listen to & download the cats millionaire tribute album here

this is total surprise to me and completely out of nowhere and really hard for me to even like imagine at all but julian moon and a tonne of other really really sweet people got together and made a SIXTEEN TRACK tribute album to me of all people????? WHICH IS LIKE REALLY INCREDIBLE???? IT SOUNDS SO GOOD AND I FEEL LIKE.. its so ridiculous shouldnt you wait until after im dead to do something like this… its so amazing… thank you so much to everybody who was involved with this i hope i can reach all of you individually to thank you.. you’re all fucking incredible sweet beautiful amazing talented people and i just found out about this and im just really fucking freaked out and touched right now geez.. this album is sick……!!!!

this is a huge milestone & i’m really glad i could be a part of it

you’re the best of the best!

there is truly no-one in the world quite like cats milly. thank you based cats, for everything! thank you based everyone (else) on this album, it’s so good~!!

username-required asked: Ayyyyyyyyyy could you recommend some recent horse music for me to listen to? I've kinda been outta the scene for a while and I was curious if you have some recommendations :3

time for me to dig back through my music folder and Youtube history~

way back in august, le soldat pony put out this amazing ambient folk album i can’t recommend enough + he’s working on a new thing so watch out for that

and the rainfall’s back in action and releasing things again, my favourite being this sad and beautiful post-rocky thingo

mad reppin’ this lush as fuck eccentrifuge orchestral track (+ his more recent stuff too ofc)

adamth3walker just released this EP of old and new horse songs, you know those adams always make good stuff! ahh ‘got a bully’ is god-tier stuff

did you see that new foozogz remix, holy shit

i quite like this aoshi beat, it’s goddamn intense and has some really impressive sound design

here’s some lovely dnb / breaks from hay tea,  risen, and macarou

also this cats milly tribute album just went up today! i haven’t even listened to it yet but i can assure you it’s great!!

hope that keeps you occupied for the day ;)



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oh btw

I’m pretty sure I forgot to actually mention this to you but I figure I should probably mention that I released my Hymn remix, just FYI

endearingly dumb comic i made in 2011 - found the hard copy when cleaning my room the other day, such nostalgia!

endearingly dumb comic i made in 2011 - found the hard copy when cleaning my room the other day, such nostalgia!


a guy was driving down the road one night, thinking to himself: “hmmm, the concept of a philosopher king is pretty great but really in the real world a monarch would still have to be held by the rule of law, no matter how moral or just they are” when he accidentally swerved off the road and hit a pole

he woke up in a hospital, and the doctor said, “i’m sorry but i talked to the mechanic and



—Good Friday



Why? - Good Friday

I’d say the Friday before Easter was not good, I cried to myself in the pisser

and with you in the front row at the Silver Jews show

you acted like you didn’t notice

i just listened to my new album in its entirety for the first time

i’d give it a 7.5/10

life hack: anime